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Meet:  Ashley from

Her DIY playhouse under the stairs has so many cool DIY accents. It’s awesome!  Take a look:

First, let’s start with a good before picture.

Time frame:  18 days. Tight budget. Lots of DIY.

She made pillows and curtains from burlap.

I love the mail slot!
Closeups of some details…
The mailbox opens!
Why the bucket of chalk?  Because the top of the bench is a chalkboard.
Take off your shoes, wipe your feet on the new welcome mat, (burlap that was left over), and come on in!

This is what you’ll see as you enter the playhouse:

As you turn to your left…you’ll see these “mini” doors.  They lead to “MOM’S STORAGE” area.  (View transformation click here.)  She used pieces of old pallets to make these little doors.  So cute!

She made the little shelf that’s holding the tray and doggie…read about that and see it’s transformation here.

Little tray was a GoodWill find…
This little bird cage was a random find at GoodWill for $1! 
This little pillow was the splurge.  It was $18 and I found it on Etsy.  

Tater digs the clubhouse.  The curtain in the background was just something extra to hide an exposed water pipe.


And one last before and after.  Here’s what the plain wall looked like before…
And after some furniture rearranging, and blood sweat and tears…
The “wasted space” (actually a non-existence) before…
And the Royal Playhouse/Storage space after…
HOW FUN!  See the full details, cost breakdown, links to DIY projects, the reveal and more from Ashley at A to Being!

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