Fancy DIY Lampshade

Hillary & Breann from Things We Fancy have been busy being crafty and are sharing an  amazingly cute DIY lampshade today! Here is an easy tutorial on how to dress up any ole’ boring lampshade Things We Fancy style! The best part is you only need 5 things to make your own!

– Lampshade
– Fabric
– Glue Gun
– Needle & Thread
– Trinkets (optional)
Step 1:
Measure the circumference of your lampshade to determine how much fabric you’ll need. Then you will cut your fabric into strips… they can be as fat or skinny as you like.
Step 2 :
Take your strips and needle & thread, and follow the child-like instructions below:
Step 3 :
Follow more child-like instructions below:
Step 4 (optional) :
Add desired trinkets to gathered areas of your fabric strips, and BOOM! You’ve got the cutest little lampshade ever.
If you have any questions, head over to see more details and DIY from Hillary & Breann at

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