DIY Show Off Updates!

Oh my, Monday already? I need another day! After about a week of working on it, my Project & Tutorial page and Home Tour are updated.  Hurary!  All of the links had to be changed, photos updated (there were even other random not-mine photos showing in there – how does that happen?) and some projects missing.  But now it’s all up-to-date.  So…I’m pointing it out and sharing and I’d love for you to check out the pages.  There might be something you’ve missed!




I hope you have an amazing start to an awesome week!
If you’re a WordPress whiz – is there a better way for me to keep track of my personal projects on my site? I’ve considered using a gallery but haven’t found one that allows me to upload a thumbnail, description and link {except for my Pinboard} and put it in a page…but I’m a newbie so maybe it’s my unfamiliarity with things. I appreciate any tips!


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