Casting Call for America's Most Talented Crafters

I received an interesting email this week (maybe you did too) with some information I’d like to pass along since DIY Show Off friends are some of the most talented crafters I know!  Yes – that’s you!  I KNOW you all have that streak of creative genius. I’ve seen it here, there and everywhere and I love it! Here is the information I have:

The $10,000 prize is definitely a reason to at least apply, right?  Be brave. Worry about whether you’d be chosen or whether you’d be a dork on camera after the fact! (Oh wait, that’s my secret plan…why oh why wasn’t I born with an upbeat, fun personality that comes naturally?! Is there an online course for that? lol)  And what better reason to WATCH this show when it airs than knowing the DIY divas participating and getting to see them in real life or um…reality tv life?!  Although, DIY bloggers are such nice people and so drama-free, aren’t we? Guess we might find out! Go. Do it! What do you think?


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