New Year, New DIY Show Off!

Hi DIY friends! TGIF!

In an effort to clean things up {and hopefully fix some issues}, the new year is bringing a new site.  You may have noticed that is now redirected and located at Dear followers and subscribers…you’ll have noticed that you show up here on the side bar and hopefully the feed issues get back to working again – part of the reason for the blog transformation. Your patience and understanding is so appreciated.  There’s a button on the side bar to add me to your G+ circle of friends since there’s been talk of Google Friends going away for non-blogspot blogs. Tragic! But, thankfully there’s still the subscribe option, Facebook, Twitter and G+. You’ll notice things look pretty much the same for now, just a lot cleaner and more organized. I didn’t want you to think you were lost!  A few new goodies are planned for 2012.

Thanks so much for an awesome 2011!  It’s been an amazing year with lots of productivity and creativity and I just can’t wait to see what you have planned for 2012!  I’m so grateful for your encouragement and your support. I love that you stop by, visit, participate in parties and share your genius DIY and decorating talents with me. You’re each such an important part our lives. I am looking forward to starting a fresh new year, getting to know you better, continuing to share our passions for DIY and decorating, making new friends and starting on my next DIY project!

Big plans for New Year’s Eve? Do you go out or stay in? This year we have tickets at a private club to hear a popular local band (we usually stay in and have fun).  It’ll be different to get dressed up and celebrate, if we can stay awake.
I know at this time of year, I always think “new year, new me” and write down my goals and plans for the new year. Not really a resolution, more like what I want to accomplish. What is your big goal for 2012?

Hope to see you Sunday for the DIY Project Parade

and Monday…


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