PartSelect Contest ~ Guest Blog Post by Roeshel's Dryer

Guest Blogger:  Dryfus (Roeshel’s Old Dryer).
::whispering:: When I overheard Roeshel telling Mr. DIY about the AWESOME contest going on at with a $5000 GE prize for new appliances (she learned about it from her friend, Gail), I decided to hi-jack the DIY Show Off blog while she sleeps to tell my sob story, for the sake of Laundry Room who has been depressed for four long years…ever since Roeshel and Mr. DIY moved in and started giving all of the other rooms tons of DIY and affection. Laundry Room isn’t a priority because replacing us isn’t in the budget. We’re hidden away and kept secret from the rest of the house and the DIY Show Off readers.
My best friend in the whole laundry room world is Wally Washer (he’s too shy to talk but we’re a great team and work well together). We haven’t earned a place in the DIY Show Off  spotlight because we’re mismatched, old, noisy and outdated. We aren’t very photogenic either. Roeshel loves our functions and visits us weekly. We do a great job. But I have to admit, I think she’s ashamed of us. I know she’s considered giving us a DIY makeover. I have nightmares about damask stencils and paint (oh please, PartSelect – save us…we really want to move on to someone who will love us for just doing our job). I can see that look in her eye every time she helps herself to our services…the look that says we’ll one day become DIY guinea pigs. You know Roeshel, once she focuses her attention on Laundry Room, walls will be painted, doors will be added, shelving will be built, plumbing hidden, floor will be tiled, things will get all girly and frou-frou and a new utility sink might even move in.  ::Wally grumbles::

Laundry Room is so mad at us for holding up the plans.  Laundry Room is a diva and she’s tired of being moved to the bottom of the DIY list. She blames us. She throws a tantrum nearly every day and we have to listen to her go on and on about how she’s ready for her debut and how it’s her time to shine in the DIY Show Off spotlight. We remind her that if it wasn’t for Roeshel and Mr. DIY, Laundry Room would still be living in the dark, damp basement with spiders.

{previous owner’s laundry area}

She’s been upgraded to a new room on the first floor and she still demands more attention. But alas, until it’s in the budget for Wally Washer and I to be relocated to Roeshel’s daughter’s home, Laundry Room won’t undergo a DIY procedure and she is such a pouter. She dreams of DIY surgery. Imagine the glares we get. Time to take action! Winning the PartSelect GE giveaway would be a dream come true for us all.

Here is what we look like now (please don’t tell Roeshel or Laundry Room that we shared these top secret before pictures when there are no after photos to compare! We’d be in so much trouble! It’ll be our little secret! She’d gasp in horror if she knew.) …

{once a short hallway/closet turned laundry room}

Okay, we’re dated.  I’m older than Washer. Want to know another secret? Washer has some mold issues.  Nothing serious that a little vinegar or bleach and scrubbing don’t handle (he’s due for a routine cleaning), but I think Roeshel’s just ready to move on and so are we. We know there’s a young adult who’d jump up and down for joy that she didn’t have to lug clothes to the laundromat or mom’s house. We’d be loved and be appreciated for our laundry skills with little regard for our appearance.
So, I’m hoping that this post qualifies as an opportunity for a one way ticket to Roeshel’s daughter’s basement and Laundry Room can make friends with new improved better looking GE models who won’t cramp her style.  Wish us luck!

Could you use $5000 towards GE appliances? There’s still time to enter if you hurry! Choose from the 5 Official Blog Topics:  
  • Share your worst DIY disaster.  But if you don’t make DIY mistakes, choose from the other options:
  • Highlight your proudest DIY creation ~ I know you have one! Roeshel talks about you DIY bloggers and your amazing DIY projects all of the time!
  • Interview your appliances…they’re not happy if you’re not happy.  
  • Tell about the coolest way you solved a home related issue. We’ve heard you’re DIY heroes!
  • Brag about your best trash to treasure happily ever after story.

Lots of ways to enter! See all of the details and enter to win at

I was not paid to share the giveaway details or link. In fact, until I submit my informa
tion with this post to enter the giveaway, PartSelect doesn’t even know Dryfus, Wally, Laundry Room, Roeshel or the DIY Show Off exist.  Think you’ll enter? What do you have to lose?

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