Guest Blogger Thank You and Recap

Good morning DIY friends!  We’re back to home sweet home after soaking up some sun and relaxation.  We had a lovely, peaceful and fun time here…
Tensing Pen, Negril Cliffs, Jamaica
but in the meantime – I’ve missed you all!  Seriously…blog withdrawal! I can’t wait to catch up!
While we were away with limited internet access, there were some issues with email subscriptions. As in “none” for about a week.  Thankfully my genius technically savvy webmaster, Stacy from She Knows Design, was able to save the day and get things back on track.  Then we noticed that only a teaser was being emailed.  I’m hoping that today – you’re getting the full posts again if you subscribe via email. 
In the meantime, I fear you may have missed a few amazing ladies and their DIY guest posts.  So, please join me as I give a HUGE THANK YOU to these talented and creative DIY bloggers who took the time to share some awesome projects and in case you missed them (frustrating feedburner and bad timing!), I know they’d love LOVE LOVE to hear your comments or for you to click their blog button for a quick visit and a “hi”! 
1. DIY at StarDust Decor & Style. Olga shares her beautiful bedroom transformation. From boring before to romantic after… 
and a ho-hum hallway goes horizontal happy… 
Olga, you’ve done an amazing job on a great budget. I love the changes!
2. Christy is just one of the creative DIY girls at 11 Magnolia Lane and it was such an honor to have her share her gorgeous kitchen reveal… 
and fun laundry room makeover…Christy – you’re a DIY diva! WOW! 
simple, no sew and great handmade gift ideas!  Thanks so much for sharing your creativity, Randee! 
Randee's Organized Chaos
4. Aren’t these DIY present pillows from Linda at It All Started with Paint adorable?! I’m so happy she shared her awesome tutorial – definitely a must do project! Thanks, Linda!
Present Pillows Twine on porch (550x413) (2)
it all started with paint
5. I love the tradition of handmade ornaments every year, don’t you? It’s a great gift idea too and Tammy from Type A has a great recipe for DIY clay ornaments
Thanks for sharing your tutorial for these pretty clay ornaments, Tammy! I love these for dressing up packages too!
Type A
and what a statement! Huge fun difference! I love the transition of blues. Gorgeous!
Unskinny Boppy
7. Sweet Lee (and Poppy) from Lee Caroline Art has a dreamy, peaceful French Cottage bedroom makeover worthy of ‘pinning’ for inspiration…I’d want to lounge in bed all day long!
 Beautiful job, Lee!
Lee Caroline Art
8. DIY raggy fabric vines are a beautiful garland option and Lesli from My Old Country House shares her easy tutorial…
How fun and so charming! Easy. Choose fabric to match your decor. Love!
9. Nothing more satisfying than a DIY knock off for prettier, creative and budget friendly decor.  That’s what Chris from Attempting Aloha shares with her Ballard Inspired Christmas Trees….
Attempting Aloha
10. It’s the perfect time of year for sounds that remind you Christmas is here and jingle bells on doors make me smile.  Handmade by Hilani shares her cute jingle bell door accent tutorial
 . So sweet!  Thanks for sharing, Hilani! 
Handmade by Hilani
11.  And last but not least, Amy from The Salvage Collection shares her thoughts on the creative process in a fun way – hilariously helpful! Amy ~ you crack me up! Thank you so much for bringing a big smile to our DIY craziness!
The Salvage Collection

BIG ROUND OF APPLAUSE for these amazing ladies and their creativity and for sharing their thoughts and awesome DIY projects! As you know, I cherish my blog buddies and I’m so grateful for their DIY ingenuity and guest appearance the past two weeks. 
Thank you!

And I’ll be back later today with the DIY Project Parade – because before we left, while most normal people would be packing and getting ready for the holidays since vacation took up 10 days of precious holiday prep, decorating and shopping time, this DIY crazy girl was painting and doing projects up until the evening before we left. If you’re a DIY Show Off follower, you might understand my addiction. 😉   

The DIY Show Off
See you in a couple of hours – just need to snap some ‘after’ pictures.

As the Jamaicans say… “RESPECT”

Keeping my fingers crossed that the subscription emails are back to normal now.  Thank you for your patience! EDIT:  Does anyone know how to fix a feed? When I check “full post” to show, it does not show at all. When I check “short”, it does show just a teaser but I’d prefer the entire post to show. My pictures are resized so I know my posts are within the size limit.  I’m at a complete loss on how to fix the issue. I can’t seem to locate an answer via google.  Any help or advice is appreciated!


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my next painting project is the kitchen

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