DIY Framed Brooch ~ Dans le Townhouse

Meet:  Tanya from

Dans le Townhouse

I love love love the project Tanya is sharing today:

  • Cotton batting (I used leftovers from an upholstery project)
  • Silk (sourced from my fabric hoard)
  • Primer (leftover)
  • Paint (leftover from paper storage hoozit I painted)
  • Small paint brush
  • Glue (Aleene’s worked well!)
  • Vintage frames ($5.00 for pair at estate sale)
  • 2 Vintage brooches (try flea markets, yard sales and estate sales)
  • Sandpaper

Painting the Frames:

Lightly sand each frame, removing any sheen then give the frames a quick wipe with a damp cloth.  Using a small brush apply a coat of primer. Let it dry overnight. Next apply two coats of paint (following manufacturer’s instructions).  I used a smaller artist’s brush to get the paint into the “carved” detail.

Creating a Padded Backing:

Tanya used the original “artwork” as her base but you can cut a piece of thin plywood/scrap plastic etc., if your frame is empty.  Cut a piece of batting and silk slightly larger than the backing and “upholster” it.  She wrapped the fabric tightly, squeezed the backing back into the frame to check fit (and make sure the lines on the silk weren’t wobbly). Then glue the batting and fabric in place on the back.  Tip:  Secure with tape while the glue dries (hot glue is faster, but this has a better hold).

Putting it Together:

Tanya stapled beside the backing so instead of the staples going through the backing (into the thinnest part of the frame). The staples hold the backing in a kind of friction fit:

Beautiful art:

Isn’t that fabulous? I still have some brooches left over from my brooch wreath project and I love this idea.  Definitely putting this on my DIY to-do list.
Thanks so much for sharing your creativity, Tanya. They’re beautiful!
See more DIY  from Tanya at Dans le Townhouse. She has so many fun DIY projects
and a beautiful townhouse tour
(seriously inspiring before and afters you have to check out)

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