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Welcome Monday!  Of course I only say that when it’s a short work week!  Today I’d like to introduce you to Meaghan, a young, poor, obsessed with decorating DIY’er redoing her first place and documenting her experiences and DIY at her blog, 


Meaghan just recently completed an amazing bathroom makeover.  Take a look:


“The walls were a weird pinkish beige and the old light fixtures made the room HOT. So hot in fact they had burned spots onto the ceiling. Awesome. The towel rack was in a weird spot  and the accessories were kinda childish.”

“Here was the bathroom shower area. It wasn’t very pretty for sure. Crappy towel rack, ugly paint, weird door sticker… I didn’t enjoy spending time in the bathroom really.”

“There were several things that had to be done and I soon found that my list from above was getting longer… and longer… and longer. First step though was to have my Dad help me with the wall repair. Which we thought was only going to take a couple hours when really ended up consuming the whole day.

Here’s Meagan’s DIY Checklist:< /span>
And here’s the beautiful AFTER…

< br />

 “The goal of the entire reno: storage and function.”


Now the after:

“Here’s another glimpse of all the different angles of the room. From the entry to the bathroom to each vanity I have touched every surface (except the counter tops) with a paint brush or a new look. Top to bottom the space is absolutely nothing like it was when I bought it back in 2008.” 

Here’s the comparison:

Isn’t it amazing?  Want more details or have questions?  See the Meaghan’s original post with more information at 
This Messy Business

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