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I love seeing what you’re up to and your Autumn DIY is amazing! I personally don’t have anything fall related to share this week with some other projects going on, so let’s take a look at some gorgeous fall wreaths from the past Fall Festivals from some very talented ladies. Click the blog link for more details about these beauties.

We don’t have a front entrance and I’m so envious of these warm and welcoming front entry ways but wreaths are not just for front doors!  Back doors, interior doors, mirrors, windows, walls, on tabletops…wreaths are pretty everywhere! 
White Pumpkin Wreath 
Wheat Wreath
ReFresh Restyle (again but for a friend!)
Not a wreath, but a warm welcoming fall basket!
Fall Burlap Wreath
Clever and Cute Pumpkin Wreath
Fall Leaves Sunburst Wreath
Glittered Paper Wreath
Mossy Fall Wreath

Simple and elegant grapevine wreath
Fall Felt Wreath
  (So cool – Steeler’s colors too!) I’m not really a football fan, but that’s our local team…so I go with it. Impossible not to around here.
Gorgeous Welcome Wreath
Colorful Felt Wreath
Fun Fall Wreath
Burlap and Cotton Sack Wreath
Another Burlap Beauty
Corn Husk Wreath
Acorn Wreath
Rosette Wreath 
Welcome Fall Wreath
Leaf Wreath
Beautiful Blue
Let’s see your FALL DIY!
The DIY Show Off

Rules: FALL ONLY!  Regular DIY Project Parade is on Sundays! 

•Create a blog post about an Autumn/Fall project that YOU HAVE CREATED. Feel free to include a past link, however please make a note on a recent post about the DIY Fall Festival to invite everyone over to join in or to search the collection of fall inspired ideas.

•Add your project title to Linky party below.  (example: House # Pumpkins)

•Type in the permalink address, not your basic blog address. A permalink is the address that links directly to your specific post. (example:

•Please add the DIY button or link to the party in your post to share the party with your readers.

•Although a tutorial is helpful, it’s not required. It just must be your project.  Please only link up same project once to one party.

•If you notice that you’re link disappeared, please make the correction according to the rules above and re-link!
• By adding your link, you give the DIY Show Off permission to highlight your project in a future post. Enjoy and be inspired!

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