DIY Star – Issue No. 1

I don’t always get a chance to visit everyone as much as I’d like and even though I don’t always have time to comment (between my real job and projects, I really try to!).  If you comment, I do click your profile and visit you back as often as possible. You might not even know I was there but I try to comment when I can.  I notice you. You push away the ‘discouragement’ monster (and I want to make you feel the same way). I appreciate that you’re here. I appreciate your feedback, encouragement, support and help when requested. DIY Show Off readers are all DIY Stars! 

So, once in a while, I’m going to surprise a reader with a show off feature and share my recent blog crush, someone who has made blogging fun, someone who made me smile big or swell with pride, brought tears of happiness to my small slice of the www, someone who made me feel good about myself.  Because I think you’re all amazing and inspiring and hasn’t blogging introduced you to a whole world wide web full of inspiration? My favorite part of blogging is making new friends, getting to know those who share my DIY passion and simply encouraging you to be brave, just DIY. This feature (weekly?) will showcase who I feel is an exceptional blogger and DIY’er – helpful to others, non-competitive and just plain friendly and sweet – someone you’ll want to know too! If there was a show called DIY Star (maybe someday?!) and I could choose the talent, the friends I feature in this series are the DIY divas I’d love to have on my team.  
This week, I want to say a big THANK YOU to Rayan (also known as ‘Ry’) from 
A fellow DIY Club gal and not only does Rayan share my giveaways on Facebook and participate and give me thumbs up and make me feel like I’m doing a great job, she’s a DIY Star! She’s a furniture designer! She creates the plans and shares them. She showcases readers’ projects when they build from one of her amazing designs. I want to be Rayan when I grow up (don’t remind me that I’m already grown up – I know. I know!). 
I love that plans can be searched by Type, Collection, Cost, Tools and/or Skill Level. You must check out the Plan Index – you’re going to be so motivated to add building something to your DIY list. Love something you’ve seen at Pottery Barn, Restoration Hardware, Ballard Designs, Ikea (and more!) but the price has adding it to your “things I’ll buy when I win the lottery”?  Search for the retailer and build it at a fraction of the cost!  Much more rewarding too with money left over for decorating accessories! (See Carbon Copy.) Don’t think you can do it?  Rayan is your cheerleader.  She’s accessible and there every step of the way, ready to answer your questions and offer tips, tricks and advice.  It’s almost like she’s right there teaching you. Learning as you go is a part of the DIY experience. 
You won’t find furniture only at The Design Confidential.  It doesn’t stop there.  Oh no! You’ll enjoy reading about DIY holiday, decor, home improvement and even kid and family friendly DIY projects and much, much more fun…

Here are some of my recent favorite posts at The Design Confidential…
Free DIY Plans Reclaimed Weathered Wood Standing Floor Mirror
Love the stencil!
Project Image
seriously super easy too!
Cheap Chic Striped Candles
tons of inspiration!
Project Image

So, what are you waiting for? Go visit Rayan. Introduce yourself. She isn’t aware of this post being written – I hope it brightens her day, out of the blue. I love planning surprises. Do you do know (e-know) her?  Leave a comment telling me about it.  Let’s discuss this DIY Blog Star…
Who’s next?  It might just be you! Thanks for stopping by! 
This post/series is NOT a paid advertisement.  It’s just a ::HIGH FIVE:: highlight that I’m writing to showcase amazing DIY friends – real people with amazing DIY projects IN ADDITION TO making blogging a pleasant, more personal, successful experience. Virtual friends in most cases, but every bit as real. 

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