DIY Project Parade…Let's see your DIY fall projects!

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This past week I worked really hard shopping around for affordable materials and putting together a Halloween costume for my nephew. Although he wasn’t having any part of it so, my 1 year old niece will be wearing it.  I don’t know if it would have fit him anyway.  Here’s what I did…

Chicken Body:

Materials: two onesies, stuffing, 2 feather boas.

Print on onesies isn’t seen. I bought these ones because they were size 24 months. Go a couple of sizes bigger than child’s actual size. 

One inside of the other.

Sew together at the arms and neck and waist. Leave a space open at the waste.

Add stuffing (I killed an old pillow) between the layers of sewn onesies.

Sew hole at waste to enclose stuffing.

Two feather boas hot glued around the stuffed onesie.

Rooster Hat:

 Materials: One white knit hat. One red knit glove. Stuffing. 

Cut cuff off of glove. 

Cut hole in top of knit hat same width as bottom of the glove.  

Stuff the glove. 

Sew glove shut. 

Turn hat inside out. Insert glove inside of hat with seam facing up towards hole in knit hat. 

Sew together making sure all rough edges are ‘caught’. All done. Flip right side out. Embellish with extra stray feathers from boas.

Optional. Add:

Circo <em>Toddler</em> Girls' Knit <em>Stripe Legging</em> - <em>Yellow</em> 4t
Stuff fingers of rubber gloves and slide over shoes…however DO NOT let child wear them for walking, only picture purposes, sitting or costume judging. 
Natural <em>Rubber Gloves</em> Anti C by North Safety <em>Yellow</em> 8
Super cute chicken costume (adorable model!)…

Now it’s your turn!  Let’s see your DIY Fall Related project! 

The DIY Show Off


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The winner of the BHG $100 Walmart Gift card is…  

Jenna Sue said… 93
That room is pure perfection! So charming.

Congratulations, Jenna Sue! I’ll be contacting you by email/via your blog! So exciting!


Super sweet Hurricane Irene Hurricanes

See how inexpensive these were to make at Here’s to Handy Andy
These are gorgeous!  See the tutorial at Decorating with Cents


I am so honored for the shout out from two amazing blog friends this week!

Thanks to Mr. GoodWill Hunting! I love his ability to find amazing things and transform a room magically on a very tight budget! 

and check out this interesting post from Kathy at Sassafras Salvation and what my guest bedroom makeover has to do with the 1960s! So cool! 

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