DIY Riddle: What did Sarah from Hart's Desire make recently?


Sarah first stumbled on a Riddling Rack last year. You can read more about the original function here.
The problem? The cost: $200-600. 
Sarah was determined and knew there had to be instructions somewhere on the internet and after a quick Google search she found some here. Seemed easy enough. She says she cheated and used some left over fencing from the fence they built earlier this summer but I call it being clever and resourceful! 
The whole project cost about $3. UNBELIEVABLE! She only had to get one piece of wood to use for the back. The whole family got involved in this one, and they each took turns distressing the wood. After it was all put together, she stained it with a mix of stains to give it an older look. 
Amazing. DIY genius. 
Beautiful rustic finish…
Don’t you just love it?  I do! Beautiful $3 compared to $200-600. I love DIY! Amazing job, Sarah!
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before ($5)


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