Easy DIY Pelmet/Cornice Box Tutorial ~ My Old Country House

Lesli from My Old Country House is showing off her super easy tutorial for: 
The supplies you will need:
1. Fabric

2.Foam Core Board
the kind your kids use for school projects (unbelievable!)

(They come 3 in  a pack for about 8-$10. You will need 2 per Cornice
 so, that means… you will need 2 packs total.)

  • 3. Packing Tape
  • 4. scissors, 
  • 5. a box cutter
  • 6. and batting to line the Cornice.
  • 7. Normally this would be staple gun, BUT
  • I could not find my staple gun so I ended up using Packing Tape for the whole thing!

Talk about EASY!

Okay here we go…

First, measure your window width and then add 9″. You will need 3 1/2″ on either side to be the SIDES and one extra inch on either side to set the Cornice out from the window frame. (You will need to adjust YOUR personal measurements if you want your Cornice shallower or narrower or wider. 

Next, take your board, (I just used the exact size of the board 20″ x 30″ (NO cutting!) and I cut the second board so that the EQUALED the measured length I needed. 

After you get the right combined length, tape the two pieces together, back and front. 

Then on one side of your board, which will be the FRONT, measure out 3 1/2″ on all sides, draw a line, and cut with your mat knife, BUT only a cut half way through, you are going to bend this to make your BOX.

When you get to the corners, you will have a little box, and the LOWER part, the LINE part that is on the sides (parallel with the floor) , you are going to CUT all the way through until you reach the side line, because when you fold that down and tuck it into the side, it will make your BOX!

Lay your batting down on the FRONT Face of the Cornice. This is where I discovered that I did not know where my staple gun was and took a break and ran to the grocery store and got packing tape.

Tape the edge down on the bottom and on the top to hold the batting in place

I had also discovered that I did not have enough fabric to cover the WHOLE piece so I pieced together a coordinating DWELL STUDIO Fabric, and created a lining.

 I then sewed this fabric together …

I love how this lining peeks out of the bottom 
I taped the fabric to the board…

I put the curtain rod, which held the Bedroom curtains inside the top of the Cornice…

Okay…are you ready for the REVEAL???

Isn’t that awesome?! WOW!  Take a look at the rest of Lesli’s beautiful bedroom…
She has plans to make a cushion and upholster the bench. 
Lesli even made the pillows (Amy Butler fabric).

Lesli, you’re cornices are awesome!  Unbelievable! You make it look super easy and super cheap but the results are so professional and custom! Great job!  Thank you so much for sharing your creativity!

See more from Lesli at 

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