Roost and a Boost

Meet:  Marissa from


She’s an aspiring interior designer and talented DIY’er.  I LOVE these DIY projects:

Draper Chest Ikea Hack – Marissa couldn’t find the perfect night stand but didn’t give up and created her own version of exactly what she had in mind and transformed this Ikea dresser into a $4000 Dorothy Draper Espana Chest look-alike.
TONS of Pin-worthy Inspiration for your files…
My favorite post?  Vintage Scarf Art. Yes. DIY project in my future.
Chilly weekend.  Looking for something to do? Check out Marissa’s lovely blog:  Roost! 

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Special thanks this week to these two ladies.  Just when I’m feeling a little insecure, my blog friends (you all) make me smile. Yesterday, these sweet acts of kindness completely put a stop to my pity party for one:

Lindsey from 
Better After had some sweet words for our room in the design challenge and shared the contest with her readers.  I love Lindsey. I love her hilarious commentary on the before and after projects she shares.  I wish being witty came so naturally to me!

Another favorite, completely comical site created by writer, comedian and actress, Molly Erdman…

Gary & Elaine stopped by Cassity & Roeshel’s room! Awesome!

I can’t finish a post these days without a reminder and request for a vote for our room at where your vote every day is a chance to win flooring for your home.  We want our friends to win too!

Thank you all so much for your help!  
And for your comments, reassurance and support. (And patience with begging!) I am so blessed by your friendship.  Have a wonderful weekend.  See you tomorrow at the DIY Project Parade!  

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