Bedroom Renovation – Memoirs of a little thing called life

Hellooooo, DIY’ers.  I recently “e-met” Chloe from 

Memoirs of a little thing called life | Fashion and life in Leeds

“We recently bought a house that was built in the 1830s over in England. (How cool!)  It needed a complete renovation, serious renovation works, we may as well have rebuilt it. This is the main bedroom which we split into two. We tried to keep as much of the character as possible including the original floors and fireplace.”

I love old homes and old European homes have so much character.  This was Chloe’s bedroom before:

Now it’s an adorable country farmhouse bedroom full of 1830s charm…

The room is full of family treasures…

 Gorgeous vintage/sentimental (her Nan’s) chandelier…
“found” fireplace

Isn’t it adorable?  I just love it!

See more pictures, details and in-progress pictures at 

There’s a lot of fun, thrifty fashion finds to inspire you too!  🙂

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