The Fancy Pants and Another Gorgeous Closet Makeover

Yesterday’s closet makeover was beautiful and today I’m sharing another. Because if yesterday didn’t convince you to get organized and creative, you’ll need to see another.  It can be done!  This beauty makeover is by M.D. at 
The Fancy Pants 
Closet (room!) before was white. Stark. Uninteresting. 
Now with a little DIY power and thrifty treasures, it’s a girl’s dream closet:
Love the gallery wall with Audrey and silhouettes (shown above).
Glamorous!  I do have an empty room.  I’m torn. Craft room. Office. Guess room. Dressing room?! If I keep seeing these dream-come-true closet makeovers, I might be able to make a decision!
M.D., thanks so much for linking up your beautiful closet before and after to the DIY Project Parade!  You did a fantastic job! It’s stunning!

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