3M Couple Speak – A DIY Contest – Prize $5000 for your next DIY project!

How would you like to win $5000 for your next DIY project?! My friends and blog friends all know my addiction to contests.  Here’s another for you with amazing prizes.  Love to give you a head’s up to share a couple of opportunities to win!

Mr. DIY says:  “Where did you move my tools?!”  

Mr. DIY means:  “Beautiful organized love of my life, where did I put my tools?” 
I say:  “I DID NOT move anything!”
I mean:  “If you put your tools away, you’d know right where they are: Right where they belong, honey!”
Communication in DIY home improvement projects can make working as a team pleasant or drive us up a wall!  Mr. DIY and I share the same vision when it comes to DIY and home improvement (or at least he hears my vision, agrees to it because he always loves the result). We work well as a team.  And I know that despite his inability to communicate in the way he “means to” as told above, that the accusation stems from frustration and not because I really misplaced his tools.  So we do communicate effectively and when needed, I remind him of what he “means” to say. 😉

It’s also easy to get in over your head, frustrated with DIY or home improvement projects and that’s when the Couple Speak starts.  How would you like to turn that experience into a $5000 prize? 
The Mission:  To create a video that showcases the kind of couple speak that two people use during home improvement projects.  Don’t be shy and by all means, bring the humor! Describe your common “Couple Speak” DIY project experience with a video and you could win $5000! Choose one of the five products below to relate to your video endframe. 
– Keep videos under 2 minutes
– Do not use 3M products in the video but in closing of your video, mention what 3M product listed below could have made your Couple Speak experience more successful.

$250 weekly prize!
Share your “He Says/She Says”

Subject:  Home Improvement
-Keep it short and clean
-Be funny

Help spread the word!  Let’s see those funny Couple Speak DIY related videos!  I’d LOVE to see someone I know winning that amazing prize! What would you do with $5000?

3M Frameworks represents five 3M products:  
Lead Check
3M™ LeadCheck™ Swabs are EPA recognized, non-toxic and provide a rapid, test for lead on most surfaces. When lead is detected, 3M™ LeadCheck™ Swabs turn red on contact. The vast majority of test situations results are obtained in less than 30 seconds.

TEKK Protection
3M™ TEKK Protection™ Products, a full portfolio of innovative respiratory, eyewear and hearing products designed to help keep you safe.

Scotch Blue Tape
Now this legendary tape is even better! ScotchBlue™ Painter’s Tape with Edge-Lock™ Paint Line Protector is ideal for freshly painted surfaces (24 hours old) and other delicate substrates because it removes cleanly with no surface damage. Edge-Lock™ Paint Line Protector provides extra insurance to achieve super sharp paint lines.

Tough Duct Tape
An extremely strong moisture-reistant tape with a double thick adhesive layer and waterproof backing – dependable results for demanding applications.

Advanced Abrasives
3M introduces a NO-SLIP GRIP™ BACKING on sanding sheets that won’t slip or slide and reduces hand fatigue. That’s sanding evolved. That’s 3M Advanced Abrasives.

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