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Meet:  Heather from

Heather just started a DIY-Organic Food-and-Soiree blog!  She’s a full time teacher but in her spare time she enjoys helping others decorate their homes on a budget, entertaining and cooking.  

With a small budget, Heather gave her dining room wall a new look.  $15!  Using paint pens, she created this DIY stenciled wallpaper:  

Helloooooo beautiful! Look at that diva chandelier sneaking into the beautiful wall’s close up!  Love her too!

Big improvement from the boring before:

The power of paint never ceases to thrill me. $15,a little DIY and Heather’s dining room looks completely glamorous! Reminds me why I put make up on before leaving the house! 

Gorgeous job, Heather!  After scraping layers of wallpaper off so many walls and even ceilings, THIS is my idea of wallpaper!  I’ve done it in my own home too and really love to personalize the “wallpaper” look!  Thank you so much for sharing!
See the HOW TO at The Lovely Cupboard for the full tutorial.  Know what else you can see?  DIY project going on in Heather’s 1943 cottage.  Kitchen envy and more!

Have you stenciled a wall in your home?  Feel free to include a link in the comments so we can all check it out!

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