The Blue Velvet Chair – DIY Mosaic Planter

Michael from

Blue Velvet Chair
re-purposed/re-used a toilet tank (the upper part) that had been left in a junk pile by the side of the road as well as the bottom of a plastic coke bottle and created a beautiful sun and moon mosaic tile planter that’s gorgeous!
How creative is using a toilet tank (already waterproof) as a planter?  
She posted a full DIY tutorial with great tiling and grouting tips at

The sunny side welcomes guests and the moon side shows as guests head home.  Recycled and beautiful!
Michael at Blue Velvet Chair celebrates everything from life stories to DIY to upcycle chic, arts and crafts and stumblings across creative genius in all of its many forms. Pop over and say “hi” and check out more great DIY projects! 

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