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Meet:  Ritajoy from

harbour breeze
Ritajoy grew up on a farm in Montana and now views the west coast ocean out her kitchen window.  Lucky!  They live in a wonderful, old history-filled home.  We share the same hobbies:  Rearranging furniture, repainting rooms and decorating creatively on a tight budget! 

While visiting Ritajoy’s blog, I came across some MUST SHOW OFF DIY!

$159 Kitchen Makeover
Yep, you read that correctly. I didn’t leave off a zero.
way before…
to this…
upper cupboards by stove
upper cupboards after
are you rubbing your eyes to double check it’s the same space?  Me too!
The first picture was when they purchased their lovely home.  There was an in between stage that looked like this:
whole kitchen
Very pretty before but I love the new wall color (look familiar?!) and vintage/beachy accents and open shelving. Notice the difference in the cabinets too!
whole kitchen after
See how Ritajoy stretched her budget to completely transform and update her kitchen at her original post:  $159 Kitchen Makeover Reveal.
Decorating on a tight budget doesn’t mean we don’t LOOK and fold back pages of catalogs for things we’d love to buy.  We look, right?  And better than spending $$$, we’re inspired to utilize DIY + creativity accomplish the same look. Ritajoy does an amazing job!

This ReStore find…
became this Restoration Hardware inspired light fixture…
finished light
Total Cost:  a little over $16!

And this powder room before…
Is now a BEAUTIFUL inspiration…
(love that sign -see more at Harbour Breeze!)
Ritajoy, your makeovers are awesome!  You have a way of taking a tight budget and making the most magical transformations!  Thank you so much for sharing your DIY creativity and ideas!

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