Freshen up existing decor with paint!

I shared this at the DIY Club a few weeks ago but wanted to show you here too! The DIY Club is a group of bloggers who share their creativity using sponsor’s products.  The products I used on this project include Dutch Boy paint, Dischanger and Rockler Bench Cookies.
With a kitchen remodel underway and most of the budget going for bigger ticket items including floor and countertops, etc., I love giving old existing decor a fresh look to feel “new”.  

I’ve had this letter “B” for a while now. It’s dark, scuffed up and sits on a shelf (because hanging it is a pain in the butt and it’s heavy). I purchased this a few years ago, probably from TJ Maxx.

Hanging is a nightmare because of placement of the holes on the back. One at the top right, one at the bottom left. Try getting nails to line up with those!

I love Dutch Boy paint because it’s zero VOC (no fumes!), scrubbable, durable with a mildew-resistant coating! I love the color “Lake Champlain” for decorative accents.  It’s an eggshell finish but using a gloss or semi-gloss top coat if needed makes for more options with this gallon. 
LAKE CHAMPLAIN – my favorite aqua-blue color
Centering a Dischanger on the back makes for much easier hanging than the two oddly placed original holes. Just wet, apply and let dry for 24 hours. (I cut the Dischanger to fit this project.)
Rockler Bench Cookies are so handy!  Once you have these, you’ll elevate every single DIY project you can for easier painting. 
I painted my letter “B” not worrying if the black underneath showed through.
Once dry, I gave it a little sanding for a distressed/worn appearance…
Distressed finish:
Now it has a new look to coordinate with the kitchen. 
Beautiful, right?

More on our kitchen remodel coming soon!

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