Beach Brights' Awesome Craft Room

Who needs a formal living room anyway?!  Let’s see:  You spend a lot of time in your comfy cozy family room and the formal living room gets little traffic.  You do crafts on the dining room table or the coffee table or even the floor. Sound familiar?  I love that Christy from Beach Brights found a better solution in her home. I would have done the same thing.  A little-used area becomes a functional awesome VERY useful area!

Her formal living room before:

After…yes!  That’s what I’m talking about!

Beautiful cabinetry, awesome island work-space and love that colorful rug!
 There’s even an extra handy outlet in a great spot – can you see it?
 Look at all of the awesome storage for perfectly organized materials!
I love when everything has a place.

See MORE jealousy-inducing  jaw-dropping beautiful craft room pictures at Beach Brights’ Work Space.

Amazing job, Christy! WOW! It’s a crafty DIY-girl’s dream!  I can’t wait to see the creative ideas you share from that gorgeous room!  🙂

Christy has so much more for you to see!

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