Additional Kitchen Workspace?

I’m painting the kitchen this week! More on that soon but we’re also ready to think about our kitchen island.  Our kitchen doesn’t currently have one, but there’s enough room and I can seem myself sitting in there talking to Mr. DIY while he cooks dinner, listening to the details of his day.  He’d also like to have a kitchen work table to provide more workspace and storage.  My morning multi-tasking of eating breakfast and checking emails would certainly be more easily balanced at a kitchen island than in the living room on the love seat.  Ever try to eat with one hand, hold a steady hot cup of tea with one hand, click and type with one or two hands and play mug guard with one hand (safe from kitten jumps)?  Wait, how many hands is that?  I’ve mastered the multi-tasking with only 2 hands but sitting in the kitchen where the sun comes in through the French doors would be more motivating not to mention, easier.
Being DIY’ers, building our own is an option although we’ve never built anything ‘substantial’ in the way of furniture yet but buying might be a option. Here is my favorite kitchen island inspiration. I’d love to build it ourselves using reclaimed wood. 
Looking at ‘inspiration’ and ‘window shopping’ is dangerous! How many kitchen carts are too many? (Looking around at the foot stool/ottoman/bench addiction…no such thing AFD (accent furniture disorder), right?)
This kitchen island is a perfect match for our dining room chairs…
Hillsdale Wilshire Kitchen Island with 2 Stools in Antique White
How cute is this one for a small kitchen?
Home Styles Woodbridge Two Tier Kitchen Island and Stools Set in White and Oak

While looking for inspiration, I came across this kitchen cart which would be awesome on the patio for beside Mr. DIY’s Big Green Egg (his other love of his life).  Pretty and functional! Great Father’s Day gift idea. 🙂

John Boos Cucina Culinarte Butcher Block Kitchen Island Cart
Do you have a kitchen island? Is it a huge built-in permanent fixture or a movable cart?  Do you love having an open floor space or are you happy with the extra work space and the seating that an island provides? Inquiring minds (of two specific DIY kitchen renovators) want to know! 🙂 

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