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I’ve been hoarding saving an approx. 3’x3′ smooth chipboard that was packaging/support trash in a furniture box.  I just can’t part with certain ‘trash’, being a DIY-girl, frugal and all. If you’re here browsing DIY ideas…you know what I mean. Don’t deny it. I’m not the only one with a stash of trash for DIY, am I?  I knew that I’d have an idea for it someday.  That day has arrived!  My nephew, Austin, is getting a personalized chalkboard for his birthday.

Recycled chipboard (Could also be directly applied to smooth walls with taping off a blackboard shape), Decor Art Americana Chalkboard Paint, Cutting Edge Stencil foam rollerDischangers x 2, Gorilla Glue tape – Handy 1″ Roll, Vinyl decals, Chalk and eraser
Personalized Chalkboard Tutorial:
1.  Apply 1 coat of chalkboard paint rolling one direction (vertically) with a foam roller and let dry 1 hour.

2.  Apply 2nd coat of chalkboard paint.  Roll in the opposite direction (horizontally). Let cure for 24 hours.
3.  Flip board and attach Dishangers.  Wet finger and apply water to activate glue.  Dischangers aren’t only for plates – they work with wood too!  I applied a Dischanger to each corner.  

Smooth and let dry 24 hours. 

 4.  Because this chalkboard is for a boy and hanging on a wall, I added STRONG Gorilla Glue tape to help with keeping the Dischangers extra secure (and to keep destructive little fingers from peeling off the Dischangers…just in case – you can never over-do caution.)

5.  Flip the board back over.  Apply vinyl decals.  

6.  Rub the side of a piece of chalk over the entire chalkboard area.

7.  Erase. (Back up eraser on stand by!)
I think my nephew is going to LOVE this!  I’ll add a “Happy Birthday” message and be sporting this gift to Chuck E. Cheese next week!  Those with boys – do you think he’ll love it?  (I’m mother of 2 girls, so sometimes I’m clueless with boys’ gifts!) 
My other DIY chalkboard used the same paint technique but was applied directly to the wall in our kitchen…

After (except right now the kitchen is undergoing some changes so the ladder and chalkboard wall look the same but the other parts don’t.  Reveal coming…someday! Hopefully soon.):

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