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four corners design
I‘ve seen some clever silverware DIY ideas (sunburst clocks, wall hooks, garden markers) and adorable teacup lamps but this is the first time I’ve seen this cute lamp created by Amy at Four Corners Design.
Thrift Store Lamp
Thrift Store Silverware and Lampshade Skeleton
Amy drilled holes in the ends of the silverware…
and gave the lamp and lampshade skeleton a coat of spray paint then went to work stringing the silverware using wire.
See her full detailed silverware lamp tutorial Part I and Part II.
This is the beautiful, creative result:
Isn’t it cute?  
Amy – it’s darling! I love unique DIY like this!  Thank you so much for sharing your creativity. I think this is about the cutest accent lamp I’ve ever seen.  🙂
See more of Amy’s awesome craftiness, DIY talent and some beautiful decorating inspiration at Four Corners Design.

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