Camelot Art Creations – RH Knock Off Clock

Attempting to get through the DIY Project Parade links (you guys are AWESOME!), I saw the little thumbnail from Desiree at Camelot Creations. I LOVE Restoration Hardware for inspiration and like Desiree, I loved this clock…

The price makes my jaw drop. $1495.00!  Unless you’re the winner a multi-million dollar lottery, I don’t know anyone who would spend that on a replication of a Paris clock – purely decorative. It doesn’t function as a clock, just looks like one. Do you?

Desiree decided she must have it. And she DOES have it. A DIY version. Cost?  An unbelievable $3.78! Her DIY pallet version is gorgeous…

See her RH Inspired Clock tutorial at

Camelot Art Creations
Super job, great tutorial, Desiree!  Thank you so much for sharing your creativity!


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