DIY Kitchen Makeover at Triangle Honeymoon

We’re mid-kitchen makeover and seeing a before and fantastic magazine-worthy after gives me hope. Thanks to Chad and Amy, my fears are a little less and I’m a little more confident that “all will be well”.  Chad and Amy from Triangle Honeymoon took a tidy but blah kitchen and transformed it into “Wow!” It’s a beautiful functional space they can be proud to boast “we did it ourselves”. 
Triangle Honeymoon
The sink area before:
The sink area after:
Boring before:
Relaxing, happy after:
Stove area before:
Happily ever after:
What do you think?  
Congratulations on a job well done, Amy & Chad!  It’s gorgeous!  I can just imagine that you stand in there nearly every day beaming with pride and admiring your hard work. Or maybe that’s just something we do when we finish a DIY project? Well, I admire you two and your beautiful kitchen too!  Thank you so much for sharing!
See the original detailed post, links to their “how to’s” and exactly what they did at
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