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When I announced the Silhouette winner last month, I offered to choose a few ideas that I could manage with my existing supplies and beginner skills.  I think I mentioned I’d only choose 3 but I love you guys and couldn’t decide so I chose 11.  Here are the projects I chose (first come first serve but a ‘runner up’ prize if you’re late):
Janae said…
My Bathroom!!! I have 3 glass jars and 4 small frames in my bathroom that need vinyl (“1” “2” “3” for the jars & “B” “A” “T” “H” for the Frames). I hope I win!!!! :

Angie K. said…I LOVE your blog! What a sweet offer! If you pick me…I’m getting ready to paint my kitchen canister set. I would love a set of labels for them: Sugar, Flour, Tea and just a cute little bird for the 4th cannister since I stuff random things in it. CLAIMED!

Lauren F. said…So jealous of the winner! I would love vinyl cut out labels for the three canisters in my pantry– Flour, Sugar and Baking Mix. Pick me, Pick me!!! (pretty please with a cherry on top!) CLAIMED!

 Katie Bell said…Remember that one time you and I were painting our kitchens a similar color green…we’re like kindred spirits, except I won’t be having granite counter tops in the near future. BOO. Anyway, I have this little dormer window and I’m going to turn it into a reading nook, so I thought it would be to put the commanding words READ on the window….totally do-able, right? CLAIMED!

ashley said…Congrats to the winner! Thanks for doing the vinyl giveaway! 🙂 My dream project would be for my breakfast area… The word “EAT” spelled out in frames, so I would need individual letters of E, A, and T for the little frames. 🙂 Thanks again. 🙂

Christina said…oh man I wanted to win that so bad!!Oh well 🙂I would love simple “Welcome” vinyl for a project I’m planning 🙂Thank you…you’re so sweet to offer this chance!! 🙂 CLAIMED!

ro-grammie said…I want to label some water bottles for the table so





second choice would be a stencil of a squirrel to put on my grandbaby’s jammies!

Holly Austin said…
When I saw that “Holly” had won, I had to do some serious squinting to make sure it wasn’t me. LOL!! I would love to have a “Welcome” vinyl for my back door 🙂

Michell@Girl in Air said…
I want to number my stairs…my son (18 months) and I count them as we walk up…the hubby would NOT be happy if I painted them since we just had our house built and paid extra for nice hardwood:-) CLAIMED!
Heidi V said…I would love to have our address for our main door. We live on a corner lot and our address is on our official front door but that is not the door we use which ends up being very confusing for everyone!
Angel said…What a nice offer! My dream small project would be iron-on cut out of “middle sister” for my middle daughter. Lots of big sister and little sister shirts out there. Middle sisters….not so much. Thanks! I wish I had the money to splurge on the deal but I’ll have to hold off. Thanks for hosting the giveaway!Angel

Congratulations, ladies! Please email me at (first come/first serve).  We’ll discuss your project and see if it’s something I can accommodate!  First responses have a better chance that I haven’t run out of vinyl/heat transfer/etc. IF THAT IS THE CASE (I run out), I’LL HAVE TO OFFER YOU A CARDSTOCK CUT OUT (available shape or monogram) as a “runner up” prize – something you can frame instead.  
Pssst.  Guess what?!  Silhouette has generously offered another Silhouette SD giveaway at the DIY Show Off – starting March 21st!!!  Also – using the code diyshowoff you can get a Silhouette SD, one of each fabric interfacing (clean cut & sewable) and a roll of white flocked heat transfer material for $229.  Readers already owning a Silhouette can get 25% off fabric inter
facing. Check back March 21st!
**There’s another kind of giveaway coming up this week too.  Unscramble the letters (2 words) for a hint:  H A P P Y B L E A B S (you’ve probably seen this giveaway being hosted by a lot of blog friends).

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