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I got this sweet letter from Fawn of Fawndear…One Dream at a Time:

“I’m a recovering hoarder, and mom to six kids. I’m reclaiming my home one room at a time with the help of a very dear friend. Everything I’ve done is Do-It-Yourself, and I’m amazed at how many new projects I’ve been able to complete that I’ve never tried before. Maybe my journey can help inspire others as yours has helped me?”

Here are a few of Fawn’s DIY success stories:

The Nightmare (Hoarding) Room Before…

Summer 533

And After…

Summer 1159
Summer 1134

Want to see more before and after of her beautiful bedroom and her DIY-talent? 

Her dining room was much of the same honest story with a very happy ending…
Summer 1345
and amazing after…
Spring 009
Spring 011
Spring 026
Spring 016
Spring 043
See all of the details and more before/after pictures at her original post…Someone Pinch Me!

I am so proud of you, Fawn.  You’re doing a beautiful job at de-cluttering.  It’s spring cleaning at it’s best and I know it has to feel so good!  Keep up the good work!  You are an encouragement and inspiration to others.  Amidst our kitchen remodel, our home office has taken on a similar look to your before pictures. It’s the space where everything gets thrown and hidden.  Fawn, you are my inspiration today. Thank you for sharing your hard work!
What about you, do you have a room that needs ‘tackling’?  Does Fawn’s determination motivate you to spring clean – really pitch and purge and start fresh?  I’m heading to that office disaster of ours. If I don’t return for the DIY Project Parade tomorrow evening, you know my office swallowed me!  😉

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