Kitchen Reveal at Flea Market Trixie

When I saw Trixie’s kitchen reveal – beautiful and full of charm, I fell in love.  I still have her kitchen reveal post open on my computer.  It’s hope and inspiration that our own kitchen remodel will have such a happy ending. 
See all of the details and more kitchen pictures at 
Kitchen Reveal
Here is Trixie’s kitchen before…dark. Outdated. They gutted the entire kitchen with the exception of drywall.  Everything is DIY (minus plumbing and electrical).


After…unbelievable that it’s the same room/wall! It’s so light. Open shelving and white walls and cabinets really make this wall appear more spacious!


After…a window nook, more storage and seating!  Best seat in the house! 😉
If you’re not yet a follower of Flea Market Trixie, you can visit her at 

Her beautiful home is full of flea market style charm, soothing blues, creamy whites and fresh greens.  Her home and photography are completely magazine worthy and an inspiration.

Thanks for sharing your amazing kitchen reveal and beautiful dreamy home, Trixie! 

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