DIY at the Mango Archives

The Mango Archives
The Mango Archives is a blog maintained by Mrs. Mango where she documents her DIY weekend warrior projects in their first home.   She’s so talented and says things like blogerony and booboos (cute!) and has named her home the Mango House.  I’ve been spending the evening going through her archives to share a few of her DIY projects with you.
This room + building a wall, adding plumbing and electrical…
makes for a beautiful laundry room reveal…

The paint is (290B-6) Squash by Behr.

The Ikea Kristaller chandelier was $40.00.

Allover peony pattern stencil at Cutting Edge Stencils.

A Home Office Makeover in the works(I can’t wait to see more! You’ll want to follow along too!)…


Thanks so much Mrs. Mango for sharing your hard work and creativity!


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