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This is a great idea for desserts/casseroles + hostess gift for upcoming summer parties and it’s so easy to do.  Using Deco Art Americana Gloss Enamels, you can personalize, label or monogram your glass dish so it gets back to you. Or personalize/monogram bakeware and glass dishes.
Rubbing Alcohol  
Cotton Ball 
Glass Baking Dish (existing or new)
Stencil (Cutting Edge Stencils bird bonus stencil and a letter “B”)
Tape (painters tape)
Foam Brush (Rockler)
Paper Towel
1.  Clean the glass bottom of glass dish with a cotton ball and rubbing alcohol and let dry. 
2.  Tape stencil to the bottom of the dish. (Remember to flip words/monograms so they are painted on backwards – it’ll show right side up when the dish is flipped over).
3.  Dab foam brush to soak paint into the foam, evenly distributing paint. 

4.  Apply 2 coats of paint, letting it dry 30 min. or so in between.
5.  Repeat with more stencils and paint colors as needed/desired.

6.  Pull off the tape and stencil. If you need to clean up the lines, use a fingernail/wet paper towel.
I rub my Cutting Edge Stencils under water to clean and hang to dry for re-use.
7.  Air dry for painted baking dish 48 hours.

8.  Place glass dish in oven and set temp to 325 degrees. Dish will warm as the oven temp rises.

9.  “Bake” for 30 minutes.
10.  After 30 minutes, turn off oven and crack open the door to allow glass to cool.
All done! I love it and I’ll always know which baking dish is mine.  I’ll definitely be making something along these lines for desserts and hostess gifts for summer parties!
Note:  The painted monogram/emblem is on the bottom outside of the glass. Not for direct contact with food.
For more detailed instructions, see the preparation and application instructions at Deco Art.

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