My Cottage of Bliss – Kitchen & Bathroom makeover

I love cottage style. So relaxing, so pretty, romantic, clean, fresh.  Take a look at these makeovers from Shari at My Cottage of Bliss.  Unbelievable. Beautiful. 
My Cottage of Bliss

Shari’s kitchen is still a work in progress but I love the direction it’s going.  The hanging light fixture is going so she asks that you ignore it in the pictures.  Focus on the beautiful after.  🙂

IMG_2115 (E) 

During demo:

IMG_2143 (R&E)


IMG_2117 (E) 


IMG_2222 (C&E) 
IMG_2216 (C&E) 


IMG_0603 (C&E)


IMG_2231 (C&E)


IMG_0475 (C&E)


IMG_2208 (C&E) Before:
IMG_0602 (E)


IMG_2214 (E) 
IMG_2235 (E)


IMG_0474 (E)


IMG_2212 (E) 

I love this storage…

IMG_2233 (C&E)

IMG_2234 (E)


IMG_2162 (E)


IMG_2205 (E)

IMG_2227 (C&E)
Isn’t it looking good?  Looks like Jasmin loves it too!  

Shari’s bathroom is another beautiful transformation.  So inspiring.  I dream of having her bathroom in MY house sometime in the future.  Probably not this year since we’re still working on the kitchen and windows are next on our list but See Shari’s full detailed post with product sources at 

From Ugly Duckling to Beautiful Swan (A Bathroom Metamorphosis)


IMG_1970 (E)

IMG_1974 (C&E)

IMG_1972 (E)

IMG_1968 (C&E)

Demo time:

IMG_2593 (E)

IMG_2594 (E)

Amazing after:

IMG_2615 (C&E)

IMG_2624 (C&E)

Vanity before…

IMG_2454 (C&E)

GORGEOUS vanity after:

IMG_2666 (C&E)

IMG_2649 (C&E)

IMG_2661 (C&E)
IMG_2652 (E)

IMG_2671 (C&E)

IMG_2654 (E)
IMG_2655 (E)

Wow.  Aren’t they doing a beautiful job?  It makes me want to gut my bathroom right this minute! 
Thanks so much for sharing your hard work, Shari – both your kitchen and bathroom are stunning.  I love the changes you’ve made and how much brighter and prettier each room is!

***I’ve received a lot of submissions for “showing off” and just because I haven’t had the chance to email you back – please hang in there!  I’ll work on getting everyone featured asap.  I appreciate you sharing your DIY ideas and love seeing your hard work and creativity!  Thank you for your patience lately.  🙂

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