Rescuing a Family Treasure

Brittany from SuperWoman always has a cool makeover up her sleeve on her blog. I love this trunk trunk and that it’s special to her family.  There’s a cute story to go with it (visit Brittany to read more).


After 2 days of stripping paint, fixing the old hinges, removing rust off metal, trying to get the 100 year old musty smell out, and putting 5 (yes…5) coats of polyurethane on, she finally had her new coffee table.  Total cost:  $15. 

Unbelievable gorgeous rescue:

Original brackets before:


Isn’t it amazing?  How special that it has sentimental value too?  We don’t have anything like that in our home. How about you?

Brittany – thank you for sharing your gorgeous restoration of a special family heirloom.  Great story, beautiful makeover!

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