PB Inspired Mason Jar Chandelier

Lauren from The McBride House has an awesome DIY project to show off.  Her DIY PB inspired mason jar chandelier is gorgeous!  

Source: Pottery Barn
The Pottery Barn version has 16 jars, measuring 35 inches wide by 32 inches high.  Lauren’s  condo’s small kitchen could not accommodate a chandelier that size  so they scaled it down to half the size of the PB version using only 8 jars.


Her husband built the part that mounts to the ceiling.  A little Rustoleum Dark Bronze Hammered Spray Paint gave it the rustic metal finish it needed. She also sprayed one coat of the spray paint on the tops of the jars. This allowed some of the original silver to show through, adding to the look.

The price?  Under $100!  I bet it’d be cool to use it along with a dimmer too!  Head to PB Inspired Mason Jar Chandelier to see more details.  

Lauren and hubby – it’s fabulous! I.LOVE.IT. I love when something out of reach due to budget becomes a rewarding DIY project with awesome results!  Great job!

The McBride House

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