Cat on a Limb

Some people have all the luck.

My kitchen remodel is taking forever.  In the meantime, look at this kitchen before and after!

Catherine from Cat on a Limb found this vintage children’s kitchen for $5 on Craig’s List.


Now it’s a fun one-of-a-kind country kitchen…


Super cute! Even cuter are the proud new owners.  See them and the cost breakdown of how that $5 find and less than $28 transformed at her country children’s kitchen makeover.

Then, just as my seasonal affective disorder is about to get the best of me (so much snow and cold, short days and did I mention cold?), I see a hint of spring!

Using Target’s version as inspiration,

Catherine created her own !

Cute “centerpiece, chandelier or mobile”.  See the tutorial and get the bird template:  Paper, String and Branches
Catherine – both projects are adorable!  You did a fantastic job!  Thank you so much for sharing your creativity!

See more from Catherine at

Cat on a Limb:  All kinds of arts, crafts, sewing, DIY, home decor and cooking

Speaking of “Cat”…we’re getting one!  🙂  I miss Niski so much.  I work from home and days are just too quiet and lonely.  I’m used to having company.  Russ has an office cat so he’s a little more confident but I appreciate any feline parent advice. 
Enjoy the weekend!

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