Lori's Laundry Room

Having a pretty laundry room must make doing laundry a little more fun. Organization and lack of clutter must feel so fresh!  I wouldn’t know but after looking at the area that Lori from Deming Design Studio attends to her laundry chores, I’m even more impatient to get busy on ours!  See her glazing process below.  Beautiful!

Here is a before picture of the cabinets:

First coat of paint:

She used a paint called Caramel Colors and says it is fabulous to work with. It is a very thick textured paint that covers everything! You don’t have to sand or prime the surface–just start painting. She chose a color called Cobblestone. It is a green color but has some gray in it. Her inspiration was her Anthropolgie tablecloth that she turned into a curtain for under the counter.

Side by side you can see where she added toner to the left cabinets and no toner on the right. She recommends watering down the toner a bit to give it a smoother finish and doing one or two coats and sanding lightly before adding the toner. 

You can see how much more depth is created with the toner.

Creative idea for using a tablecloth turned curtain to hide the dog cave! It’s like a secret hide out for her furbaby!

She plans to get or DIY (my vote) a drying rack but for now I love her shelves, accents and decorating!

So pretty!

What do you guys think?  Is your laundry room a beautifully inspired space in your home?
Thank you so much for sharing your process and beautiful laundry room, Lori!  The cabinet looks beautiful with your ‘curtain’ and all of your organization. Love it!

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