Remembering Niski

I hope you don’t mind the diversion from DIY.  I just wanted to share some Niski photos.  I love doing a search for her name on my own blog and remembering my little girl.  It still hurts so much. I just miss her.  
My daughter had these ones on her cell phone.  Some I actually haven’t seen.  She was a cutie. 
Her little pjs…

 Crazy long tongue!


When Mr. DIY got his Big Green Egg (he LOVES that thing and uses it in the snow!), he thought Niski would be interested in hearing all about grilling, smoking, BBQ and it’s features.  I think she was relieved when she discovered it was just an introduction and not an invitation to a wienie roast…

Niski and her alpha dog.
Julia (our foreign exchange student) & Niski


The scar on her belly was from surgery to remove a push pin that she ate when she was a puppy. Thankfully she recovered nicely and we had a few more years with he
r and liked to joke that the surgeon should have installed a zipper.  Fortunately she outgrew the habit of eating everything except food quickly after that experience.
Christmas morning 2009
Let me in!
Happy Girl!

Doxie block.
Ali & Niski

Niski Nogi (what we interpret to mean ‘short legs’ in Polish even though it’s not quite correct).  I miss your snore.  I miss your yawns and sighs.  I miss your begging. I miss praising when I see that there isn’t an accident and for a brief millisecond, I forget why there isn’t.   I miss the loving welcome greeting when I walk in the door, the treat bribe when I walk out the door.   I miss the playing and snuggling and burrowing.  I miss scratching behind your ears and rubbing your belly.  I miss your wiggle dance and tap dancing toes.   I miss our dinner time ritual.  I regret that there isn’t one single picture of me with you because I was always behind the camera. Seeing the doggy aisle in the store makes me cry.  Remembering last Christmas morning opening presents has me longing that we’d be doing the same this year.  Every occasion, every season, I’m just going to miss having you by my side.  My little shadow.  My heart just aches.  But I know you’re not suffering.  You’re resting in  p
eace and peace will come for us with time.  For now, we just miss you so much and our hearts are filled with so much love. 

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