Dirty Floors no More!

I don’t know about you but with our DIY passion, I’d LOVE for Santa to bring me a Mint Automatic Floor Cleaner.  There’s often sawdust or just dust that I don’t have time to get to.  I do craft projects in the dining room and a lot of times, I’m sweeping up scraps.  Oh, and you know how Mr. DIY loves to cook? Imagine the crumbs! 

Do you have a Mint Automatic Floor cleaner?  What about a floor that could use one?

Winter foot-traffic brings dirt into the house.  Hosting holiday parties, kids, holiday family visitors, etc coming in from outside with their dirty, slushy, wet boots and shoes on = dirt. Actually 70% of carpet soil is tracked in from outside. I’m sure you know the hassle that is to keep clean. …Enter the Mint Cleaner to do it for you 😉

I wanted to share a weekly giveaway going on at dirtyfloorsnomore.com!  I’ve signed up to win and you can too!

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