Niski's Blue Christmas

Since I know a lot of you love our little doxie girl and your thoughts and prayers worked this past summer – helping her to recover and giving me the strength, patience and encouragement for her care, I wanted to give you an update. We had a few amazing months of being recovered, walking and running but this morning her little back legs were weak and by this afternoon, it was all she could do to drag herself around.  Thankfully our wonderful vet squeezed in an appointment for her today.  Back to a couple of months of strict bed rest, muscle relaxers and steroids.  She’d appreciate your thoughts and prayers again and so would I. I think things are worse this time.  Lifting her (properly) hurts her. She cries out in pain and it breaks my heart.  Here she is today…a little sad but she wants you to know she’s hanging in there tonight and we’re hoping for another full recovery.  

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