DIY Dummy

Heather from Tallgrass Design is not a DIY dummy.  In fact, she’s a DIY genius!

Riddle:  What can you make with the below materials?

Old pillow…..$0

A roll of duct tape…..$4

Two old bras…..$0

Wood 2×2 base….$6

Wood for spine…$0 (used trim scrap)

Small black tee shirt…..$3

Christmas tree base…..$5

Hmmm. …have an idea what Heather created?  

A mannequin/dummy! (no, the mannequin, not you!)  Brilliant!

Want to see the tutorial?  Visit Heather at Tallgrass Design.  

Thanks for sharing your creativity Heather!  I’ve priced these before – which is why I don’t own one. I love clever, affordable DIY solutions!

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