A Day Off!

I‘m headed to Pittsburgh for a fun filled time with these two favorite beautiful girls today…

We’re shopping for this one’s birthday…

 Ali age 3…feels like yesterday.
Ali now.

(Hug me…sniff sniff. Tell me I don’t look like the mother of an 18-yr-old…somebody? Please?!)
My babies are both officially adults.  We are so proud of them.
In my absence, here is just a quick recap of my projects, parties that are still open and the giveaway this week.

#1 DIY Project Parade and vintage window mirror

#2 DIY Holiday Highlights and glitter globe pedestals

#3 $100 CSN Giveaway

#4 DIY Fall Festival – Thanksgiving

And if you’re warm and toasty at the computer, unable to work, looking for some great DIY ideas while I am catching up with these hard-to-catch busy girls: shopping, joking, shopping, acting silly and laughing until we cry, shopping, reminiscing until we cry (another tissue, please?), eating IHOP pumpkin pancakes topped with whipped cream and maple syrup (Mr. DIY made these for dinner last night and I could eat them every day!) and shopping, (my poor wallet) check out these favorite DIY girls…

Join  us Saturdays at tatertotsandjello.com for the weekend      wrap    up           party!

504 Main

DIY Club
and of course…
DIY Club
DIY Club
DIY Club


My Canon is tagging along today…

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