Kitchen and Craft from Take Heart

Check out this kitchen before. Wallpaper border.  Check.  Wallpaper border.  Check.  More wallpaper border. Check.

If you were blessed with this, what would you do?  Run the other way?  Danielle from Take Heart and her husband were up for the challenge and went right to work in making this kitchen a place more appetizing and less pink tiled and less wallpaper bordered.  New cabinets, new paint, new counter tops, new – everything. With little salvagable, they stripped the room and started over.  See the full kitchen remodel on her blog.  The above kitchen is now this kitchen:
I didn’t realize I was holding it in, but isn’t this a breath of fresh air?  I love the transformation! You have to see the details!  (here)  Great job Danielle and Caleb!  It’s gorgeous!


Not only is Danielle a talented DIY’er when it comes to home improvement, she has a great tutorial for a felt and yarn wreath too! I love these!

If you haven’t met her, pop over and show her some blog buddy love. 🙂

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