DIY Fall Festival – Last Minute Halloween!

It’s that time of week – time to show off your DIY Fall related projects!

I was blown away by this awesome iPhone costume made by Heather at Decor4Poor!  Visit her here to see the details. Wow, huh? First place costume winner for sure!

This beautiful pumpkin is up for grabs at Frou-FruGal (enter here).  She also typed up an easy tutorial and it’s super cheap so you can DIY!

Still plenty of time to create a beautiful fall wreath.  Check out this great tutorial from Susan at Hometown Girl. Inspiration: Pottery Barn.  Cost:  $6.50!

Wreath 003

It’s All Hallow’s Eve at Something Sweet Design!

Beautiful Halloween “Curious” banner with a great tutorial and free printable download at Violet Cottage.

Thanksgiving to Halloween (or reverse that for the U.S.!) decorating at Echoes of Laughter:

Let’s see your DIY fall ideas! Show off!
  • Create a blog post about an Autumn/Fall project that you’ve done
  • Add your project title to Mcklinky (example: House # Pumpkins)
  • Type in the permalink address, not your basic blog address. A permalink is the address that links directly to your specific post. (example:
  • Please use the DIY button or link to this post to share the party with your readers.
  • Although a tutorial is helpful, it’s not required. Anything DIY – autumn related is permitted.
  • Please follow all steps above or your link will be deleted.  If you notice that you’re link disappeared, please make the correction according to the rules above and re-link!
  • Enjoy and be inspired!
Thanks for the comments about the fall photo shoot with my girls last week – I loved the encouragement!  As soon as I get a free minute (how and when still to be determined – I’m giving the place below a shot. Have you tried putting one of your photos on a canvas?  I’d love to hear about your experience!)

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