What I Wore – DIY Style and Doxie Edition

I love fashion posts and seeing the great outfits some bloggers can throw together and if I have to go out, I’m all about dressing up or being dressy casual.  I LOVE clothes!  But most days, you’ll find me wearing this:
Looks like the cover of my new DIY Duds line, doesn’t it?  
I’d love to design a DIY clothing line!  Wouldn’t that be fun?! 
Photography courtesy of Ali.
Stylish, sexy, trendy?  No.  DIY appropriate, safe and comfy?  Yes.  When I’m about to paint or sand or get all DIY dirty…this is what I wear.  Sometimes I wear my green Frog tape t-shirt or Gorilla Glue t-shirt  or an old thermal shirt and I’m usually wearing my pink safety glasses which I seem to have misplaced but sunglasses are a great back up.  
  • Paint splattered gray fleece pants with low pockets for my cell phone/tools.
  • Long sleeved t-shirt.
  • Safety glasses or sunglasses.
  • Pony tail to keep the hair out of face and out of the paint can although it’s still possible to end up with paint in my hair.
  • Old slippers.  Most of my projects are inside so these are the most comfortable. I also learned the hard way that spray painting in good shoes or bare feet is not recommended unless black speckled toes are trendy.  I also learned when sailing across the floor in socks, that having rubber soles on my feet is necessary.
Oh, and Niski insisted on sharing what she’s wearing these days. 
Nisk is modeling the new Elizabethan collar.  The ProCollar.  She’s prepared for flood and at her height, you can’t be too safe.  We call it her doughnut.  Poor little girl has Compulsive Licking Disorder and a rash right now. It’s a mystery.  No mange.  No fleas.  No ticks.  But she’ll chew and lick until  her hair falls out.  There’s nothing sadder than a scabby doxie.  This little girl can’t catch a break this year although she’s completely recovered from the paralysis! Hurray!  Now we’re trying a natural diet to rule out food allergies although she’s on an eating strike (until absolutely necessary) because dog food made with real meat, real rice, real cranberries and real fruits and veggies just doesn’t suit her gourmet palate.  I guess. She’s NEVER been finicky so it’s a tad out of character.
This one was taken with the cell phone camera (pardon the poor quality).  Here she is at the 4 inch high gate awaiting passage to the Titanic.  Okay, not really.  It’s the Mr. DIY trip-proof gate to the living room.  No trespassing for doxies. There’s a dangerous wool rug infested floor in there that might cause another attack of the itchies and admittance is only allowed via human arms to a lap or pillow.  Don’t let those sad puppy dog eyes fool you.  She’s adjusted to the collar and she does get to sit on a lap or pillow every time we watch tv.
At least her Halloween costume is taken care of.  Niski, the lifeguard.  Gilligan.  Lifesaver.
What about you?  Do you have comfy/paint splattered/safe DIY attire?  Let’s see!  This linky is only for “What I Wore – DIY”.  For linking up your DIY project to the DIY Project Parade, click HERE.  🙂

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