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I‘m so honored to have Holly from 504 Main guest blogging today.  She is awesome! If you’re not a follower at 504 Main, please stop over and say hi!   Here she is…

Hey there!

I am so very tickled to be here at The DIY Show Off. Can I have a little “I’m in awe” moment, please…when I began blogging a year ago, Roeshel’s blog was one of the first DIY blogs I followed and linked up to for her Fall Festival {I was scared}, and she was do darn nice. So maybe my hubby has to blame Roeshel for my DIY craziness! Anyway, while Roeshel is off Country Living it up, I am here to blog it up!

Now, on with the show…I am Holly, and 504 Main is my place where I entertain, cook, create. I have a vintagey, beat up, discarded, slightly French, yet totally American aesthetic {confused? Me too sometimes!}. I like what I like! I LOVE repurposed crafting, creating and DIYing. I prefer to use unusual materials to create beautiful projects, like my screen wreath or my biscuit table.

Today, I am going to share a tutorial I did over at my place awhile back for The DIY Club. I am always looking for fun, new DIY projects. I have tackled my kitchen recently {that was part DIY and part hire someone to DIY}, and am working hard to accessorize it like it deserves…like I deserve..I have waited a long time!

My “old” kitchen had a not-so-cheap-stainless steel utensil holder that turned out to be a dud – too small and it cracked – perhaps it was not really stainless steel! I was on the hunt for a nice big crock to put those utensils in, but couldn’t find one that was not $50.00 or with some design on it that did not suit me…then it hit me…duh! Make my own!…Or at least buy a plain one and make it better!

Seriously, it seems like a lot of steps, but don’t let it scare you…it is not that bad! After you do it once, you’ll see and be hooked on this process like I am! You get a professional looking finish – it is awesome!
Bon Appetit Crock
Click HERE for printable pdf crock tutorial


-Image {from Olive Rue}
-Waterslide decal paper {available online or in some art stores…email me for info} – there are a few brands. I am trying out a new one soon.
-Crock, white {purchased at a kitchen store}
-Bowl with lukewarm water
-Decal squeegee and/or paper towel
DIY It! Bon Appetit Crock
1 – Print image onto waterslide decal paper – if your image has words, you will want to print a mirror image of the design.
NOTE: For the process and paper I used, the background turns a vintagey tea stained color in the curing/baking process, so I added an oval border {super simple to do in almost any program}. There is another method to using waterslide decals to avoid this, but I like this look. Again, I just purchased a new brand of paper and will report back!
2 – Let image dry for at least 15 minutes {this drying time varies based on the paper and method used, consult paper directions}, so that the ink does not run. I let mine dry for a few hours.

3 – Cut image out – either closely around border or closely around the image itself. 

4 – Determine placement or image and prepare crock {or whatever you are transferring the image to}.
5 – Add lukewarm water to a bowl, large enough for the cut image to be submerged.

 6 – Place image in water for approximately 1 minute. The image will immediately curl…gently uncurl.

7 – After removing paper, position the decal in the correct place on the crock {with the words reading correctly}.
8 – Blot the image with a soft towel and smooth out {or if you have the proper squeegee, use that} to
remove air bubbles {This step is important…my first go around I thought I had it and…nope – lots of air bubbles!}
9 – You may want to use a hair dryer to assist in adhering the decal to the piece and removing those remaining air bubbles too.
10 – Let piece air dry for 1 hour*
11 – Set oven to 200 F and bake piece for 1 hour.
12 – Set oven to 300 F and bake piece for 1 more hour.
13 – Set oven to 350 F and bake piece for 1 more hour.
14 – Set oven to 400 F and bake piece for 15 minutes.
15 – Remove from oven and let cool  – the image will be shiny and the background will have the light patina coloration.
16 – wipe piece {being careful of the image} with a damp sponge to remove excessive adhesive {it is brown – you will see it.}

*The new paper I have purchased, it supposed to be clear and does not require baking process. YOU MUST READ ALL DIRECTIONS FOR THE BRAND OF WATERSLIDE DECALS YOU PURCHASE.

If you start playing with waterslide decals, you will be hooked. I recently added one to an old window and, man oh man do I have a list of projects for this craft!

Thanks for listening! I for one, cannot wait to hear about Roeshel’s adventures!
Come on by and say “Hi” at 504 Main.


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*A special thanks to Holly at 504 Main and Jennifer at tatertots & jello for their help this weekend.  I’m back from the Country Living Fair. What a fun time – loved meeting some blog friends, seeing so much creativity , making new friends and can’t wait to tell you all about it.  
Now I’ve received heart breaking news about my dad.  Please keep my dad and family in your thoughts and prayers and thank you to the girls at the DIY Club from the bottom of my heart for being so patient and understanding and helpful during this time.  ~Roeshel

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