A Season of Thrifty Treasures!

Before you even think it – I know.  I know!  I’m a junkaholic. I admit it.  It looks like I need to HAVE a yard sale.  And if you saw my basement, you’d agree that I need an “Open for Business” sign.  I didn’t realize I had picked up this much until I started this post.  It’s just a few things here and there all summer long.  But, these are things I love for decorating this old farmhouse. 

Here goes.  My beautiful junk treasures:

The newest addition is this big old chunky lady. We found her in the bargain basement of a used furniture  store.  She’s old and it shows but I love her antique pulls, mystery history and hoof feet.  She’s perfect as a buffet with our reclaimed barnwood dining table.  It came with the mirror too which used to be attached .  It’s very dull and streaky – just the way I like it!  The dining room is undergoing a mini-makeover (I just painted walls today).  I’m not sure if she’ll receive cosmetic surgery or not.  For now, I love her ‘as is’:
(Yep, that’s me hunched over, standing on a chair because I took the picture at night.  Trying to get an angle where the chandelier and flash aren’t reflecting in the mirror.  Please ignore that and wow – that mirror looks to add a few pounds!  Of course, the lounge pants and sweatshirt aren’t doing anything for my figure there.)

We snagged this chair which my daughter uses for the vanity in her bedroom for $7.  It was used as a photo prop this day:

This painting for her room too:

Pair of lamps $2.50 (here is one) for my daughter’s room.  Still looking for shades.

My daughter spotted this $10 upholstered rocker in that bargain basement and had to have it for her room.  It usually collects clothes…

Old scale.  Perfect for our farmhouse kitchen transformation – coming fairly soon – it’s hard work!!

Mr. DIY brews beer.  Empties used to be unorganized and on top of the fridge.  Now they have a spot all their own:
A mixing bowl:
2 of the 3 FREE wooden bowling pins:

Old books and one of a few little old wooden boxes:
An oscillating floor fan – amazing breeze!
Lots of old crates and an old milk jug:

 $5 glass lamp…

Blue ticking table cloth in use as a bed spread and $2 linen bed skirt for the guest room:

Tray basket and alarm clock (oops – blurry!):

One of many old windows.  Nothing like a picture to point out imperfections. Need to move the bed a little to the left or the picture a little to the right!

Painting for the guest room:

A little step ladder:
Chippy old frame:

Old carpenter’s tool box:

 $3.98 for all 4 of these planters:

White dishes 25 cents each at Habitat Re-Store:

Leaf dish and 3 trivets 75 cents each:

 Another addiction, glass bottles and jars:

 $20 cart and crates.  I love rustic!

A rusty old baffle.  Baffled?  Me too but it’s interesting!

7 peg hook coat racks.  Here is one.  The others are going in a closet.  Makeover in the works!

$1 shelf:


$1 camp chair (post makeover):

More old windows:

$15 Bistro set before:

Bistro set after:

My BEST finds:

3 light/pot rack fixture – $5 at Habitat yard sale:

$1 side table!  It was already this pretty color.  I just added an Anthropologie knob.  Vintage fan is also a yard sale find:

Do you love shopping at flea markets, thrift stores, yard and estate sales, Habitat and Craig’s List as much has I do?  What have you found?  I’m linking to The Lettered Cottage – linky party for your summer yard sale finds. And to Southern Hospitality Blog.     http://linda-coastalcharm.blogspot.com/Great places for some thrifty treasures inspiration.
Now, about my addiction.  You may think I have a problem, but I’m thinking I’d make Sue Whitney of JunkMarket Style proud.  Regardless…I better get busy with my self help:

And if you’ve got a Fall related post – I’d love to see it linked up to the DIY Show Off Fall Festival.  Please!  I need all the help with accepting fall, cooler weather, shorter days and approaching winter that I can get.  Let’s see your Fall warmth!

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