DIY Fall Festival and Easy DIY Fabric Wreath

Do you make your own wreath?  Looking for an easy tutorial?  This one is perfect.  Inexpensive, easy and DIY.  Easily customize it for any occasion but by using fall colors…I’m reminded of a pile of raked leaves.  Perfect for fall!

I made this from a straw wreath and fabric.

It’s a wreath…

or a centerpiece…

or a candle/lantern ring…

I love how it turned out.  It reminds me of a pile of raked leaves!  I love that there are so many different options.  This one is perfect for Fall but use different fabric to make one for Halloween or holiday fabric for winter or Christmas or Spring or to match decor. You could even match your clothes if you were so inclined.  I can’t wait to make another one! In fact, I’m working on another with different fabric and I’ll post pictures when it’s done (using my rotary cutter so it’ll be quicker and even easier).
Here are the instructions for making a larger wreath.  You choose the theme or design!
Materials:  1 yard of fabric, one 14 inch straw wreath (leave the plastic wrapper on)
Tools:  Scissors (or pinking shears), screwdriver

Optional:  Embellishments, hot glue, wire cutter, Gorilla Glue

1. Fold fabric and cut into squares.  Mine are 3×3 inch but you can go bigger and they don’t have to be perfect.  No one will know! (I chose a fabric looked pretty on the back too but it’s not necessary.)  This is the hardest part because cutting up a yard of folded fabric hurts!  But a rotary cutter would make it a lot easier.

2.  Holding a fabric square in one hand and a screw driver in the other, place the screw driver into the center of the fabric square. (It’s hard to get a picture because it takes both hands but hopefully this helps.)  ***Note:  Burlap is a little trickier. It helps to use the screwdriver to make a pilot hole, then fold the burlap into a square.  Dab Gorilla Glue into the hole and then using the screwdriver, push the end of the square that is all fabric (hold the fabric like a diamond, it’s the bottom part that is all fold) into the hole and twist.
3.  Poke into the straw wreath (with plastic wrap still on) and give it a little twist.  That’s it!
To keep things very secure, you can use a dab of Gorilla Glue before pushing fabric into place. It will expand inside the hole and adhere to the fabric and straw. This will keep the fabric from falling out, especially if the wreath hangs in a high traffic area such as a door.

4.  Repeat until the wreath is covered.  Place about an inch apart, filling in randomly or from outside in, whatever works best for you.  When done, go back over and fill in any ‘holes’.
5. Embellish with leaves, pinecones, a bird, etc. (or other decorative items depending on the season/holiday or look you’re going for).  I use wire cutters to cut the wire stems shorter or to cut off smaller silk flowers/etc. to embellish.  Creating a pilot hole using the screwdriver helps or attach using hot glue.  I also slid a twist-tie in the back/top underneath the fishing line looking string that keeps the straw wreath its shape to hang it. 

That’s it! Super easy.  Inexpensive.

So easy, I made a second decorative one from burlap and a smaller straw wreath.  Tutorial using burlap here.
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***Sharing my fall wreath tutorial at Centsational Girl.  🙂

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