Faux Barnwood Frame

Loving the look of barnwood, I decided to give a black plastic picture frame a new look.

Black frame
Deco Art Weathered Wood Medium
Americana Bittersweet Chocolate acrylic paint
Americana Traditional Burnt Umber acrylic paint
Americana Eggshell acrylic paint

Here is how I did it.  It’s super easy!

I chose a black frame so I could see a little of the black in the technique.

After taking off the backing and taking out the glass, I used my Rockler paint pyramids to keep it elevated.

I painted the frame with the darker of the two browns, Burnt Umber, letting some of the black show through a little.

After that dried, I applied a coat of the Weathered Wood Medium.

Once that was dry, I mixed the a little Eggshell with Bittersweet Chocolate.  That sounds like a terrible recipe but we’re not eating it!  It creates a pretty lighter shade of brown.

I finished it off with a spray of Deft Clear Wood Finish in semi-gloss.

My frame is going on the wall, so I took off the “standing” thing that is used for propping it on a tabletop.  The little tiny hanging wire was a huge pain to get on a nail, so I wet the back of the smallest Dischanger and stuck it to the center of the back frame (it overhangs a little) but after drying overnight, it’s strong and so much easier to hang.
I printed out “menu” and the definition/synonyms in MS Word, using a text box and selected a linen background.  Here it is all done…perfect for our chalkboard wall and I love the barnwood look which is perfectly our style for this old farmhouse.
What do you think?

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